Postpartum Core & Hip Flexor/Chest Opener Stretch

Grab a PVC, dowel, or broom stick to perform chest openers and hip flexor stretch with me! If you missed the pregnancy core video, watch it here. I have a lot of info on the core that lays the foundation for this one!

Talking points in video:

    1. Intra-abdominal pressure demonstrated with a balloon
    2. What happens when your crunch or sneeze
    3. DR moves to heal and how to avoid making it worse
    4. C-section tips
    5. Returning to postpartum movement looks like 3rd trimester exercise and….
    6. my “How to go from Birth to Lifting” pdf link to fully help YOU!
    7. AVOID – just like pregnancy 
  • Flexion: toes to bar/sit ups EVEN IN BED!/crunches/GHD sit ups
  • Mountain climbers: a flexion, high intensity movement that can easily be avoided. Definitely avoid if you have diastasis.
  • Planks: gravity pulling down on already stressed  linea alba. And a lot of people have improper positioning.
  • Kipping – too intense on an already fragile postpartum core. Don’t try until at least 10 mo pp.
  • Think about WHY you’re doing the movement. If it’s to be cool like everyone else, switch it. Can you get the same or better response by substituting the movement for another?

5. SUBSTITUTIONS – just like pregnancy

  • pallof press, chop 
  • Quadruped crawl
  • Heavy carries – suitcase, hex bar, farmers
  • Most fit Syn rings barbell lunges/squats/overhead squats (check out my instagram!)
  • Overhead press + stand/walk/lunge
  • Single leg + overhead press

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