Don't second guess what movements you should be doing!
As a new mom, appropriate movement aids your healing recovery but when do you start and what do you do?
Your questions, answered!
Your new mom bod is nothing to mess with. Check yo’self before you wreck yo’self! (Really, you CAN wreck yourself….)

You have the cutest, squishiest babe but you’re starting to get the itch to do more than sit on the couch and push the stroller. What movements are safe in this fresh postpartum period?


The biggest gap in new mom fitness is the time before your 6 week check to your ability to lift moderate/heavy weight or perform high intensity exercises. This could be 10-12 months!


This HUGE gap of time is when you need to be performing the correct movements to lay your foundation that will affect the REST OF YOUR LIFE.

So what are you supposed to be doing to be your strongest, healthiest self?

In this Guide, you’ll learn how to:

  • Start moving slowly days after birth to increase your circulation and healing time.
  • Restore your core integrity first followed by a graduating progression.
  • SAFELY integrate simple movements into things you’re ALREADY do as a new momma!

These downloads guide you through your healing process with focus on getting you back to the exercise and movement you crave!

Here's what you get in your copy of Birth to Lifting:
How to go from Birth To Lifting eBook
Move through each phase to ‘graduate’ onto the next with instructions on what exercises to perform during specific weeks of postpartum or how you’re feeling.
Postpartum Core Restore
Gentle, back lying movements to begin as soon as you arrive home to start rebuilding your core foundation for your best posture, pelvic floor and core health!
Postpartum Macros
Eating is extremely important for the new mom who is lacking sleep, breast feeding, and may be experiencing higher than normal stress. Food is your new BFF, do not devalue it’s role in helping you heal, produce milk, better your sleep, balance hormones (aka less freak outs), and so much more!
New Mom Workout Examples
For moms 6+ weeks postpartum who’d like structure for appropriate strength training sessions that are not too intense.

The Author

Colleen Flaherty is a strength coach for women around the world. She teaches not only exercise but trust in women's body, empowerment, fun and play!
I hear time and time again about women who wreck their core because they started doing planks and sit ups to get their core 'back in shape.' Ugh. 
Those two movements are by far the WORST for moms to do! I want you to know the how and the what of safe, appropriate movement so you take 2 steps forward, not 10 steps back. It's easier to build a strong base than to rehab diastasis recti or a weakened, out of balance pelvic floor. Don't do the wrong things, do these right things!
Get your copy today and start moving with confidence!
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