CrossFit Open 17.2 Pregnancy & Postpartum Suggestions


Complete as many rounds and reps as possible in 12 minutes: sprint work is not a pregnant woman’s strength because a lot of fuel is being shunted to babe and placenta.

Pregnant: finish 1 round, take 3-5 breaths to get HR controlled while walking around your work area. Watch FORM. Take your own time.

Postpartum: focus on posture and what your core is doing. PACE yourself, do not rush because others are moving faster than you. Watch FORM.

2 rounds of:

 50-ft. weighted walking lunge lighten the load from 35lb. Or If lunges ache during pregnancy from pubic or SI joint pain, switch to db squats.

 16 toes-to-bars → refer back to my 2 previous videos on core safety. You’ll substitute toes to bar out for non-flexion movements in pregnancy and postpartum: pallof press, side planks, a variety of side planks!, quad crawls 8 for/8 back, mini band lateral walks 8 down/8back.

 8 power cleans → grab one DB (this can be the same weight you used for walking lunges) for single arm 8/side or 4/sid. Stack plates in 3rd trimester to set the weight on as a prop up off the ground.

Then, 2 rounds of:

 50-ft. weighted walking lunge

 16 bar muscle-ups → ring muscle ups scaled appropriately for your athleticism, ring rows, ring dips, box dips, bench dips or both a ring variation followed by a dip variation.

 8 power cleans

Etc., alternating between toes-to-bars and bar muscle-ups every 2 rounds.

Women use 35-lb. dumbbells
Let me know how you modified! Take a picture and post it to the Fit2Prokreate FB page or tag me in Instagram @fit2prokreate! I want to cheer you on!

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