CrossFit 17.1 Pregnancy and Postpartum Recommendations

The Open is a crazy time! If you are pregnant or postpartum, you can be part of the hype! Just understand that these workouts will need to be modified for you to be and feel successful. They’re intended to be hard core, so let’s make the appropriate substitutions so you can partake safely and party after! (Read: eat many slices of pizza.)

1st Trimester:

  • the change of elevation in the burpee is intense and can cause women in the first trimester to feel light headed, or even faint. Modify to hands on a box with the feet jumping or stepping depending on how you feel.
  • jumping may put you at risk for feeling light headed/dizzy/fainting to choose the box step up or step over.
  • choose a light/moderate dumb bell for the snatch because you might feel winded or easily tired with this high intensity movement for so many repetitions.

2nd Trimester:

  • hands on box for burpees because as your belly grows it puts more pressure on your linea alba, the connective tissue separating the left and right of your abdominals. Your parallel body to the ground in the burpee puts pressure on the already stressed connective tissue via your intra-abdominal pressure and the pressure of all your organs and baby!
  • it’s also difficult to fully engage the transverse abdominis (TA) to fully protect the spine and reduce risk of injury during the burpee. The TA is something that always needs to be engaged for pregnant women and mommas to reduce risks on all fronts.
  • opt for a more vertical option by using a box or the wall.
  • box step ups are a great alternative to jumping over because the risk of catching an edge isn’t worth it!
  • pace yourself because you probably feel great but this is a loonngg conditioner that typically aren’t a pregnant woman’s BFF. Take breaks often to catch your breath and set your own pace.

3rd Trimester:

  • modify to hands on a box or wall for burpees with stepping legs
  • step up to a box that feels comfortable
  • put a few plates under your dumbbell to raise it up off the ground during snatches
  • choose a lighter weight in your dumbbell
  • reduce reps by 5’s or 10’s if necessary to complete under the 20 minute max
  • take a lap to catch your breath as much as possible to avoid hyperventilating or passing out

4th Trimester/New moms:

  • modify burpees for the same reasons as above in 1st and 2nd trimesters. Modify to hands on a box or wall with stepping legs (jumping legs if you’re 20+ weeks postpartum and feel great, no gap).
  • lighter dumbbell weight because it’s a LOT of snatches.
  • take breathers often, remember to pace yourself because you’re just getting back into the swing of things, don’t push it.
  • your body is still doing many internal things postpartum such as healing from birth and producing breast milk. Be kind to yourself and enjoy the moments of being present with your community vs. competing with yourself or others.

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