Colleen Flaherty, NSCA-CSCS

More than a coach,
Empowering Women to be Their Brightest!

Colleen’s mission is to build confidence and courage through proper movement so women are prepared for whatever life throws at them. Let’s combat out-dated, debilitating myths with evidence-based exercise to experience what the female body is truly capable of during all stages of motherhood!

∇ Colleen is a Coach 100% focused on revolutionizing the fitness industry for the benefit and safety of prokreating women around the world.

∇ Co-Creator of the first international CrossFit Approved CEU Pregnancy and Postpartum Strength Seminar for coaches and professionals.

∇ Co-Author of the first evidence-based Coach and Athlete 60+ page downloadable Guide on Pregnancy and Postpartum Exercise

img_7624Come experience how I can help you feel strong, confident, and prepared through strength training. I’ve created sessions for not only women, but their partners also, because this parenting thing is a team event!

What I love about exercise is that it allows us to drop out of our heads (where we spend so much time these days!) and into our bodies. Lifting and throwing around weights boosts our confidence and sense of self-power. All judgements and guilt eventually melt away once we recognize how awesome our body is because it can accomplish amazing things! Having these tools greatly affects our ability to deal with struggle, obstacles, and doubt. The perfect tools to have on the journey of parenthood.

With over 14 years of childcare experience, soccer playing and coaching, and strength training since I was a teen, my past has equipped me well to coach women and partners on their prokreating adventure. In 2012, I began my first company called Baby Bump Academy in Rochester NY. Since then, my evidence-based practice and my focus is on learning as much as I can about fertility, pregnancy, birth, femininity, evolution, spirituality, movement, the human bodies, and more!

For programming, I pull inspiration from functional strength, athletics, bodybuilding, yoga, gymnastics to give you a very well-rounded fitness experience to ensure balance, strength, fun, challenge, and success for whatever life, or a little human, throws at you.

13332899_10154070866357209_1332674927416910137_nTrying to conceive? Be your healthiest to increase fertility.

If you’re expecting, let’s lift for labor.

New parents? Let’s sweat the stress away.

It’s time to move purposefully, safely, and effectively so you can continue or start to do things you love.

If you:

  • are an athlete and NEED to move to feel like yourself
  • belong to a gym that doesn’t ‘get’ exercise during pregnancy or as a new mom
  • don’t know what you can/can not do during pregnancy
  • need awesome motivation and someone to hold you accountable
  • want to lose the baby weight but can’t make it budge
  • are a weekend warrior who wants to maintain your fitness level through pregnancy or get back to it postpartum
  • need someone to lead your group outdoor/stroller/moms night group
  • desperately need a lifestyle overhaul to be a healthier family…

You’re in the right place! Contact me here. Send me an email at colleenbba(at)
Call/text 585-261-3743.


April 2017 – Taught our first west coast seminar in Sacramento, California for 9 amazing coaches!

November 2016 – Moved to San Diego, California with boyfriend Adam who owns his own company called Move-Aware!

2016 – Taught Seminars in Bali, Amsterdam, Rochester, Long Island, Ohio, and Phoenix to 43 coaches!

Spring 2016 – Launched the CrossFit Approved CEU Seminar and Guide on Pregnancy and Postpartum Strength Training

2016 – Published in WOD Talk Magazine & Online

2016 – Created Womb Warriors Podcast with Joy Ebel (Joy’s currently in nursing school to become a woman’s health RN so the podcast is taking some time off. Go Joy!)

2015 – Published online on Most-Fit, WatchFit, Personal Trainer eMagazine, Get Real eMagazine

2014 – Taught quarterly at Highland Hospital Birth Classes as Prenatal Fitness Expert

2014 – D & C Woman to Watch Business

2013 – Served on the Board of Rochester Birth Network

2013 – Opened Baby Bump Academy studio in Rochester, NY

2013 – NSCA Certified Strength & Conditioning Specialist

2013 – AFPA Pre and Post Natal Trainer Certified

2012 – NSCA Certified Personal Trainer