Build confidence in your body

“We worked out at least once a week my whole last trimester – and physically, I felt amazing!! More importantly, I was confident, happy, and focused. Working out was good for my spirit! I remember you showing me exercises (like the one legged squat) and thought “oh hell no, I can’t do that!!”, but I did and it felt AWESOME!!!” – S.D.

“Colleen is standing up to abolish the stigmas surrounding a ‘fragile pregnant body’. She believes in the strength and power of your body. She trusts your body to protect your baby. She inspires you to believe and trust too. From teaching you proper lifting technique and how to strengthen birth muscles, Colleen empowers you. Her program encompasses many aspects that allow you to thrive through pregnancy into motherhood!” – Emily Queenan, MD

Know you’re doing what’s best for you and your baby

It (class) felt great!! So glad you’re training mommas. I wouldn’t trust anyone other then you!” – Kelly Horowitz, Kelly Elizabeth Photography

“Working with BBA has been amazing.  Most importantly it has taught me to be confident in my body and what it’s capable of before I give birth.  There is all kinds of research out there in the importance on exercise and its impact on your pregnancy, delivery and baby.  For me it was particularly important to find a place like BBA to make sure what I was doing was the best for me and the baby.  Colleen is so thoughtful and trains you specifically for birth (like squats) and beyond (like weight lifting for carrying the car seat!). BBA has helped to give me the empowerment I need for a pregnancy and birth I feel great about.  What could be more important?” – M.T.

Stay motivated

“She helps me stay sane on those days when I am not sure I can take one more minute.  She helps me relieve stress and lower my blood pressure.  She helps me add quality to my life because I am stronger, more confident, and more able.” – T.W.

“Participating in classes with Colleen has helped me to increase my endurance and stamina. That in turn, has helped me stick with a daily exercise regime.” – E.K.

“Just a lousy morning but I felt so much better after the class.  You should feel great about all you do for the moms-to-be in town.  I sincerely appreciate it.” – C.B.

“Colleen motivates me to push myself – Do more – Try more – Try harder.  The workouts are not stagnant.  They are always changing and challenging me.” -R.B.

Thrive prior to pregnancy through motherhood

“Thanks for everything. I got a lot more than I signed up for when I hired you as my trainer. You are so kind. I’m convinced my labor was so fast because my body was prepared for it and you’re to thank for that too!” – C, Rochester

“I really enjoyed training with Colleen during my pregnancy.  I was able to continue conditioning along with light weightlifting.  Going to a class once a week was exactly what I needed in the middle of my pregnancy when I felt out of shape and was not able to workout on my own. Colleen pushed me through the workouts but made sure I was comfortable with what I was doing.  I would definitely recommend BBA and Colleen to anyone that is pregnant!” – K.A.

“As a mom of two, I feel AMAZING (after working out)! I feel lighter – clear-headed, loved, whole. Its so easy to lose yourself in parenthood, but taking that 1 hr out of the day to do something for myself is a good reminder that I am still here.” – S.D.

“Working with Colleen is the first time I’ve ever considered my workouts “fun.” I started with a low-ball goal of working out with her once a week. Now I’m going twice a week (once with my husband for the Partner class), and I’m finding I want to add in another workout. I can’t get enough! And if you know me, you know just how strange that is. 🙂 I love the atmosphere, the compassion, and the energy at BBA. I love Colleen’s mission and vision, too. I can’t recommend BBA highly enough! (I’m almost five years “postpartum,” so you don’t have to be pregnant to benefit!)” – R, Pittsford

“Colleen explains how important it is to not to the same exercise every day to keep our muscles working to improve and strengthen them…Colleen’s classes are flexible and have variety!” – E.K.

“Whoa. Just tried these (core PDF download) tonight, and they ARE good! By the end I was dying! I am going to do them twice a day, and I will give you an update in a couple of weeks!” – R, Rochester

Be comfortable exercising with other women like you

“I  like the small group classes…The prenatal fitness group is a big hit… there is nothing like that in Rochester!” – A, Rochester

“It was comforting to exercise around other pregnant women and not being stared at.”

“I usually workout solo but when I was pregnant found myself seeking the company of other women. It was comforting to exercise around other pregnant women and not being stared at in the gym.”